International Conferences (5):

  1. Rachid Djerbi, Rabah Imache, Mourad Amad, Communities’ Detection in Social Networks: State of the art and perspectives,  in ISNCC-2018 (Rome- Italia), 2018
  2. Rachid Djerbi, Mourad Amad, Rabah Imache, A Novel Solution for Communities’ Detection in Social Networks, in ICNAS2017 (Annaba, Algeria), 2017
  3. Lyes Badis, Mourad Amad and Djamil Aissani, Asynchronous Model for Updating Replicated Profiles in Decentralized Social Network, ICMIT-2017, (Adrar, Algeria), 2017
  4. Mourad Amad, Abdelmalek Boudries, Lyes, Badis, ALM Based Services on HPM P2P Architecture, in  ICCSE2017, (Kuala Lampor, Malysia), 2017
  5. Abdelmalek Boudries, Mourad Amad, Rabah Kassa, Routing approach in Wireless Sensor Network, in ICCSE2017, (Kuala Lampor, Malysia), 2017